Update from De Torens construction site

The site of wine merchant Geens in Aarschot had been waiting for a new destination since the removal of the eponymous business in 2007. Commissioned by developer Dyls and supported by the city of Aarschot, an international team of architects has been working since 2013 on an ambitious and urban project. We worked together with De Vylder-Vinck-Taillieu, DRDH and C+S to develop a masterplan tailored to the site. Each firm refined their part of the plan. The new district with 220 new homes will thus have a varied and qualitative infill. 

The project name ‘De ‘Torens’ referres to the old Orlean tower on the hill behind the project site. The site connects the historic city centre with the boundaries of the old city walls and the open landscape behind. 

Since the begin of the construction site in 2018 few blocks have already been completed. Soon more on our website!