Orleanspark Aarschot

At the end of this year, a new phase begins in the construction of the new city project 'Orleanspark', a green path which is connecting the historic city centre to a new landscape park surrounding the 'forgotten' Orleanstower. This fresh, green lung will become a nice place for recreation, wandering and retrieving nature at the edge of the city.


Spatial Transition / doorbraak: a2o
Participation: Uhasselt
Landscape Design: Buro Landschap

In a short expo from the 18th October to 22nd October, we will reveal the final plans for the 'Orleans Park'.
The opening night will be held on the 15th October between 17h and 20h.
The week after, the exhibition will be free to visit between 9h and 12h and from 13h to 16h. On Monday there is an evening opening until 19h30 and on Tuesday and Thursday afternoon we are closed.

Address: Ten Drossaarde 1, 3200 Aarschot, opposite the city office.

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