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At the heart of our profession is the assignment to create spaces – buildings, urban environment, landscapes, interiors – or to create a mindset. Across all levels, our work contributes to the shaping of continuity in the urban context.

We acknowledge and value the craftmanship of our profession in our dedication to the entire process, from the first sketch to the final technical detail. However, societal changes continuously demand that we renew our expertise and add new skills.

Over the course of more than 20 years a2o has evolved into an office that takes on different projects on different scales and levels. By organising in four studios, a2o can provide specific answers to spatial and civic issues of today and tomorrow. We combine our shared values with different expertises.


is part of a2o and strives to create architecture with respect of time, making buildings continuing narratives from the past and resilient to the future


is part of a2o and investigates the meaning of landscape and cultural identity of our space. We strive for systemic enrichment of living environments.


is part of a2o and creates autonomous projects, in which craftsmanship and experimentation are at the heart of our identity.


is part of a2o and acts in spatial problem-solving by research by design. We open windows to unseen opportunities by addressing societal challenges.

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