a2o and a.a.c. architecture win Belgian Building Awards with Kabo

a2o and a.a.c. architecture win the Belgian Building Awards with the project Kabo Beringen in the category renovation .

The bathing hall of the former mine site in Beringen has been given a second life as a nursery and primary school. The design enhance the existing building.

Spatial and physical connections are made within the existing structure. An intelligent growth scenario is suggested for both the school and the outside spaces. The renovation serves in its simplicity the educational project.


The jury was charmed by the extraordinary way the architects were able to work with the existing. As an example of ‘upcycling’, they have questioned and challenged this structure. In order to make the building more efficient and resilient, patios and a generous concrete staircase were added as structural elements. Multiple connections between the different levels were added to make the building futureproof.

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