For this competition we designed an innovative residential concept, located on a fully-fledged green residential space as part of a finely-meshed and high-performance network of slow traffic.

Sharing as choice

The project offers a sequence of collective outdoor spaces, each with its own scale and use. Despite the fact that we strongly believe in collective use of space, we are also convinced that it should always be a choice of the user. Residents of the project will always have the choice whether or not to use collective spaces. To ensure this choice, the project pays attention to the separation between private space and public space.

Arriving in a green landscape

The project provides a rich array of different outdoor spaces, ranging from a full private terrace to a collective picking garden.

The most collective outdoor space is at the place where visitors arrive. Here, the landscape makes an inviting gesture to the user. This is the outdoor space with the most dynamic character. From here the connection is made to the collective bicycle basement, the letterboxes and the parcel wall are located and access is found to the various circulation areas to the dwellings. But above all, this space functions as a casual meeting place for the residents and a play area for the children.

The picking garden

The picking garden forms the second collective outdoor space in the project. Children can play safely here among the standard fruit trees, while parents can keep an eye on them while cooking.

Residents are offered the option of using part of this garden as a collective vegetable garden. To make collectivity feasible here too, part of the vegetable garden is made available per block. If desired, they can work on this together. If there is little enthusiasm, this part of the garden will be planted as a flower meadow or prairie garden. In this way, residents are given the opportunity to make the outdoor space their own in a casual way.

The Landscape Park

The landscape park is the most peaceful and naturally designed outdoor space in the project. This space forms the transition to the various footpaths

and the existing grove to the north of the project site. This space provides space for play and relaxation. It is where teenagers can seek a moment to themselves. The landscape park has the most extensive landscape management so the greatest ecological added value for the project will be realised in this outdoor space.


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