Campus De Nayer

A future-proof building

The Living Campus building transcends being just a building. It embodies a vibrant ecosystem, offering inspiring indoor and outdoor spaces that encourage and facilitate interactions. To ensure the building’s, it has been enveloped in a new skin. This modular facade facilitates diverse infills and is also used to distribute the technical installations throughout the building. Moreover, the circular design of the facade system enables complete dismantling.


The facade serves as a visual link between the building and its surroundings with floor-to-ceiling windows that provide transparency and invite the outside world to witness the activities within. Fixed awnings do not only shield from sunlight but also create a welcoming ambiance that blurs the boundary between indoor and outdoor spaces.


Our design seamlessly integrates with the existing campus, with features like a prominent beam along the main circulation axis and a tower on the square, defining the building's visual identity.


The highly reflective metal cladding gives a special high-tech aesthetic to the building, complemented by steel canopies that play with the structure. The large standing glass surfaces also make the LCG's building technology visible outside.


An experimental roof on the lower volume serves as a platform for showcasing technical facilities and conducting innovative research, further contributing to the campus's spirit of exploration and discovery.


2022 - ...




Sint Katelijne Waver




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