We not only devise spatial concepts, we also build them, with craftsmanship as the key element. A team, built up of specialised sub-teams, allows us to make optimal use of our diverse expertise for each project, both during the process and on the building site.

a2o is a breeding ground for experimentation and innovation.
Our interdisciplinary environment with workshops, labs, offices and exhibition spaces strengthens the outspoken investigative attitude of a2o.

Research and experimentation always lie at the root of a quest for collective added value, social engagement and sustainable concepts.

We feel at home in the complex and layered contemporary reality and we systematically go in search of the latent qualities, opportunities or challenges of each assignment.
Spatial experiments, imaginary projects or theoretical reflections create an ‘open research area’, a lab where we can critically test spatial impact and social consequences.
Only in this way, can we avoid getting trapped in generic solutions, trivial strategies or architectural arbitrariness.