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Renovation and newly built part of the Sint-Jozef rest home

Neerpelt, Belgium
2005-2015, Under construction
Sint-Jozef vzw
a2o-architecten + Hugo Roux and Dominique Timmermans
10.885 m2 (56 renovated units, 61 new units, café and parking space)


The combination of living, health care and services is becoming increasingly important.

Living together is caring together. This poses a manifold task: a technical task (building), a planning task (quality of the environment), and a social task (social interaction and permanent participation).

The Sint-Jozef residential and health care centre is located in the middle of the village, enclosed by a block of houses. This situation offered the inhabitants a quiet living environment, but also created an isolated existence, which had an effect on their social involvement.

In addition to renovating the existing building, the urban development situation was revised by adding new buildings on both sides (at the Onderwijslaan and the Kloosterhof), which link up again with the village structure of Neerpelt. The connection between the existing buildings and the new ones, is provided as a double-T intersection. This intersection houses a glazed veranda with direct access to the communal outdoor space and the terraces.

Considering the limited mobility of the inhabitants, the communal functions are linked to the outdoor areas with a public character.

These areas have an entry-friendly, accessible nature.

The entrance near the Sooi Willemsplein has a large porch. The entire site is a restricted-traffic zone and laid out as a strolling park. By creating a connection between the Sooi Willemsplein and the Onderwijslaan, access to the inner area is guaranteed.

The back becomes the front.

To support the coherence of the renovated rest home, the same materials and colours were used for both buildings. The range of colours is primarily based on white and light grey, combined with warm wood elements. The glass surfaces in the rooms are maximised, to emphasise the relationship between indoor and outdoor. For the renovated part, the existing structure was retained and a system of corridors with rooms on both sides was installed. In the new part, this traditional corridor structure was abandoned and the rooms were given a nice anteroom. The use of public rooms as accommodation is optimised. Based on the familiar domestic scene: the kitchen-cum-living room is centred around an open-plan kitchen. All of this helps create a recognisable, homely atmosphere in the health care centre.

Sint-Jozef Sint-Jozef Sint-Jozef
Sint-Jozef Sint-Jozef Sint-Jozef Sint-Jozef