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Paviljoen De Unie

Temporary Meeting Place in Quartier Canal for De Unie Hasselt-Genk

Hasselt, Belgium
2014, Built
De Unie Hasselt-Genk
Atelier Amont (Design) & a2o-architecten (Project management)
176 m2

The temporary pavilion placed alongside the Albert Canal, thereby signifying it as a fleeting element, akin to a boat ashore for a brief period. It is designed both to open out to the surrounding landscape as well as to create an intimate atmosphere using curtains of thick cotton tarpaulin, adapting to the specific requirements of various events.

The building is composed of a combination of pine wood elements com­bined with cross laminated timber panels for the roof. The roof shape is gen­erated by the need for drainage using a minimal system of modular elements, thereby slightly sloped towards the corners. This creates a slight, gradually shift­ing distortion throughout the entire structure which reinforces the space oriented out towards the landscape, as well as turns its corners with facades to all sides.

Paviljoen De Unie Paviljoen De Unie
Paviljoen De Unie Paviljoen De Unie Paviljoen De Unie