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Lyceumsite Tienen

Masterplan and buildings for the abandoned Lyceum-site in the city of Tienen

The story written by the Lyceum site in Tienen is a story of public space. The site of the former Lyceum buildings borders on the green former ramparts, a transition area between town centre and outskirts. The ambiguous condition of a site in a transition area is reduced within the urban planning context, which combines an open park with a narrow street and an enclosed square. The project is a story of connectivity and links the Kloosterhof - Veemarkt - Grote Markt with the former ramparts area.

The Lyceum site itself is surrounded by three types of buildings: residential buildings on the Kliniekstraat, town houses along the Albertvest and larger functional buildings on the other side of the former ramparts. The story of the traversed public space provided the occasion for opening up the existing block of buildings. This cut creates a link between the town and the former ramparts. More than merely a cut, the link constitutes the public domain, which is surrounded by buildings. Around the park, street and square, various types of houses are being connected: town houses along the Albertvest, panorama apartments in the centre between square and park, apartments with a through lounge between the park and the Kliniekstraat; town, square and park houses.

The consistent use of materials creates uniformity among the multitude of housing typologies. During the design studies, experiments were made with brick volumes, whose bricks either gradually evolved from light to dark, or followed the line of a single colour area.

The selected range of materials reflects the various atmospheres experienced within the project. Around the park, strong colours were used in façades and outdoor constructions, while soft shades prevail around the paved street and square. The outdoor woodwork is a theme found throughout the project.

The Lyceum site is a project that fills existing empty spaces, on the one hand completing the block of buildings and on the other hand contributing to the definition of the town's public space.  

Lyceumsite Tienen Lyceumsite Tienen Lyceumsite Tienen Lyceumsite Tienen
Lyceumsite Tienen Lyceumsite Tienen Lyceumsite Tienen Lyceumsite Tienen