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Ekkelgarden residential project

Hasselt, Belgium
2015-... Building permit
3.060 m2

This residential project is located at the southern side of the Ekkelgarden urban extension project, for which a2o also created the master plan in 2002. The design builds upon the spatial structure of the master plan and offers several reinforcements.


Its architecture shows three autonomous blocks with a very strong spatial cohesion. The volumes run parallel to one another. The have been rotated vis-à-vis the boundary of the site. This rotation was refined in the proposal, in order to create a rational parking structure underneath the buildings.  Each block is cube-shaped and has a clear horizontal lineation. The structure of the façade is extended to the top floor, where a receding volume was required. The envelope of the building is emphasized, thus retaining the pure cubic shape.

The horizontal lineation renders the floors clearly recognisable. The outdoor spaces are situated within the volume and located at the corners. This creates perspectives and gives the building an open character.


The concrete bands in the façade are filled in with glass surfaces in brickwork. Dividing the brickwork into surfaces located between the bands, emphasizes the freedom of the façade. Thus, the three blocks have a formal exterior volume, but a playful façade layout.

The entry areas have been receded into the volume. To make them recognisable, these receded areas are clad in wood.


The landscape design requires special attention in the case of apartment buildings. The garden plays an important role in the experience of future inhabitants and their visitors.

The specific location of the buildings on this spatially restricted site, demanded a creative approach to the open space.

The design clearly looks for a contrast with the rigid structure of the buildings, by starting from an organic basis. In addition to the paths that lead directly to the entry areas of the different buildings, a number of informal paths meander across the site. To strengthen these lines, green blocks of ornamental grass are used.

Ekkelgarden residential project Ekkelgarden residential project Ekkelgarden residential project
Ekkelgarden residential project Ekkelgarden residential project Ekkelgarden residential project Ekkelgarden residential project