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Open urban block as an insertion into the station area

Hasselt, Belgium
2016 - ...
AP&D + Liburni Projects
10.310 m2 + 3.900 m2 

The Hasselt station area, between historic center and Grote Ring, is a neighborhood of many faces. On one hand, a heavily hardend surface with little public green, on the other hand the presence of not-connected pedestrian routes. The complex relation between historic city fabric and the desired metropolitan look of a station area.

 Project Bampslaan wants to respond to this dynamic by both perpetuating and strengthening the existing qualities as to offer an open end to nearby future developments. The open building block, with a public green inner area, offers the missing link between already present soft connections. The duality between higher and lower volumes is lifted by maintaining the original building height on the street side. Bampslaan reaches as an accent to the station, while keeping its feet in the existing context.

The offset of the building block to the current plot boundary, is a generous gesture that makes space for a public function on the street level. The sober color palette of the concrete makes this strong volume play refer to the coloration of the environment. Refinement is found in the split, or acidic finish of the concrete, and the bronze with wooden joinery.

To accommodate the diversity in lifestyles, budgets and family combinations, five residential typologies were chosen, varying from a student room to a three-bedroom apartment. The typological mix and presence of public functions makes Bampslaan a lively place throughout the day.

Together with the qualitative green concept and the pre-set functional mix, the Bampslaan project helps to turn the station area from a passage into a place to stay and dwell.

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Bampslaan Bampslaan Bampslaan Bampslaan