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Achter de kerk

Newly constructed apartments with an underground car park

Genk, Belgium
2004-... Design
8.700 m2

The green enclosed, semi-public park zone constitutes the project's artery, its focal point being the public square near the St. Martinus church and the round end. The square acts like a link between the new project and the area around the St. Martinus church, as well as the visual termination from the Berglaan.

The design is subdivided into an articulated building structure of two strips, consisting of a combination of different volumes, varying from 2 to 4 floors, with local accents rising to 6 floors:

‐ the main volumes (4/6 floors) are situated at the North side (back) of the project area

‐ the lower volumes (2 floors) are situated at the street side, providing linear support for the Centrumring

By locating the lower volumes at the front and the higher ones at the back of the project area, the inner zone is linked more accessibly with the city.

The entire aggregate of volumes is surrounded by a canopy, as the project's leitmotiv.

The various buildings are accessed from the green enclosed area, while vertical circulation for the main volumes on the North side is achieved by means of open staircases that overlook the city.

The green park zone also acts as a connective element for the private gardens on the ground floor and gives out onto the public square in front of the St. Martinus church.

To create an architectural feature in the central enclosed area and a varied street scene, accents up to 6 floors were planned. These accents also constitute a gradual introduction of the higher church tower.

Achter de kerk Achter de kerk Achter de kerk
Achter de kerk Achter de kerk Achter de kerk Achter de kerk