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(Let yourself) fall

a2o, Desmedt Architecten and ‘De Andere Markt' collaborate on the Third LUCA Biennale in the ‘Keizersberg’ Abbey, Leuven.

Together with ‘De Andere Markt’ and Desmedt Architecten, a2o participates on the LUCA School of Arts Biennale. The exhibition explores our environment as an ever-changing world, lacking any kind of certainty or continuity.

In a series of coproductive workshops we explore the challenges of the area of the Vaart in Leuven and Wilsele as a unique, hybrid and sponteanously regulated hodgpedodge of spaces for working, living and nature.

The work will be on display in the Keizersberg Abbey from 31/11 to 11/12 and the KUL Unversity Library from 19/12 to 27/01.


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(Let yourself) fall (Let yourself) fall
(Let yourself) fall (Let yourself) fall (Let yourself) fall